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1085-1 (CO)

21 August 2012

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1. It is with mixed thoughts that I inform you all that Lt(N) Gallant and Lt(N) Thompson will be changing corps to 201 RCSCC GRILSE.

2. Lt(N) Gallant’s efforts with the corps for the past two years have seen a revitalization of our seamanship training. His efforts in working with the Greater Vancouver Branch have lead to the branch securing some of the best seamanship equipment available.

3. Lt(N) Thompson graciously accepted the challenge of Training Officer when her predecessor was promoted and relocated by his civilian employeer. In addition, Lt(N) Thompson introduced orienteering to the corps and was instrumental in our participation in local club competitions.

4. Both Lt(N) Gallant and Lt(N) Thompson truly left their mark on the corps and will not be forgotten.

5. On behalf of the Cadets and Officers, I wish them both fair winds and following seas.


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Ronald M. DesJardins
Commanding Officer


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