Vancouver Flag Party – To be made up of Cadets

The City of Vancouver will be forming a formal Flag Party consisting of Sea, Army, Air and St. John’s Cadets from units within Vancouver.

The Vancouver Flag Party (VFP) will consist of 6 x Sea, 6 x Army, 6 x Air and 6x St. John’s Cadets. 47 RCSCC CAPTAIN VANCOUVER will be contributing 6 x cadets for the Sea representation.

The Vancouver Flag Party will be an official flag party of the city and will represent Vancouver at various events that will be scheduled well in advance. The first official parade will be Sunday, 11 November 2012.

Practices will be held at the Beatty Street Drill Hall, 620 Beatty Street, Vancouver, from 1900 – 2100  on  Tues 16 Oct and Tues 30 Oct. A third rehearsal will be held 6 Nov if required.

To Try Out:

  • Must have a high standard of personal dress, drill and deportment.
  • Must be of the rank Leading Seaman or Above
  • Must attend the mandatory practices listed above.
  • Understand that once selected, you will become part of the unique few of cadets who will represent the City of Vancouver and Cadets Canada in the public eye with potential National and International attention.
  • Try outs will be held 10 Oct 2012 at 2000hrs aboard HMCS DISCOVERY.

Incentive to Try Out:

  • The City of Vancouver will be more then willing to provide solid letters of reference (with official letter head), volunteer hours confirmation, etc. as well as other possible forms of recognition.
  • In addition, you will be able to represent Cadets Canada and the City of Vancouver publicly.

Questions to LCdr DesJardins.