Sail Weekend Warning Order

Attached is the Warning Order for the upcoming Sail Weekend.  (27/28 Oct)  SAILWKWRN

The below listed names are cadets who indicated interest in the form of a sign up sheet and are therefore expected to attend. As mentioned during your brief there is only room for 24 trainee/rec sailors.  Therefore those of you with adequate sailing levels may be asked to serve in support roles.

Questions and concerns can be directed to the OIC and POIC.

1)      Cho, Jordan

2)      Huang, Michael

3)      Chan, Bryan

4)      Karim, Qaasim

5)      Lam, Caleb

6)      Chung, Vicky

7)      Cao, Kenneth

8)      Le, David

9)      Chong, Vanessa

10)  Qi, Brian

11)  Wu, Justin

12)  Jang, Colby

13)  Wang, Lucas

14)  Deng, Jade

15)  Song, Jack

16)  Chan, Amos

17)  Chen, Megan

18)  Li, Anna

19)  Johnson, Barbara

20)  Lam, Kimberly

21)  Wong, Lawrence

22)  Cao, Jennifer

23)  Magitbay, Mark

24) Huang, Stephan

25) Weber, Susannah

26) Dunn, Zachary

27) Johnson, Barbara Jean