Information – Karen Furstrand Scholarship

The Karen Furstrand Scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving Lower Mainland Sea Cadet who is applying for or is already attending post-secondary education. The Scholarship amount is $1000, which will be paid directly to the post secondary institution. The scholarship is only open to Sea Cadets who attend one of the Lower Mainland Sea Cadet units, or to someone who has aged out from one of the Lower Mainland Sea Cadet units within the past year. Previous applicants may re-apply if they were not successful on their previous application.

The application form for 2013 is attached to this email. It is a form-fillable PDF, applicants can type directly into and save the form.

Deadline for applications is 22 Feb 2013. Electronic delivery is preferred.

Please ensure all supporting documentation, reference letters, transcripts and pictures are attached. Note that the application requests that one letter of reference should be from the CO or XO of the Cadet Corps.

Email completed application package to:


Cadets may also CC my personal address at:


Hard copy may also be sent to the mailing address indicated in the application.

Please make sure the subject line is clearly marked as “Furstrand Scholarship Application – Applicant’s Name”

Electronic senders will receive a reply to acknowledge receipt. If they do not receive a receipt within a couple of days of submission.

The scholarship is a memorial to Karen Furstrand, a former Sea Cadet of RCSCC BICKNELL, who was killed in a car accident in May 2005. This is the 9th year of the scholarship. We have seen some very impressive Cadets apply for this scholarship each year, and it has been a difficult choice every year to choose one Cadet who is most deserving of the award. The review committee looks forward to another group of strong applications this year.

Questions can be directed to your chain of command.

Yours Aye,


Kevin C. Deck
Karen Furstrand Scholarship Merit Review Board Member