Marksmanship Day and Mess Dinner – Saturday November 25th 2017

47 RCSCC Captain Vancouver

Warning Order

Cadets: It is imperative that your parents see this order and that you sign up on the Online Form Link

What:         Marksmanship Day and Mess Dinner

When: Saturday November 25th 2017

Where: HMCS Discovery (Usual Cadet Night Location)

RCSCC Captain Vancouver is having a mandatory Marksmanship day and Mess Dinner for all cadets on Saturday November 25th, 2017.  All cadets will complete required training to fire the Cadet Air Rifle and participate in a required CF familiarization activity.

Rations:     Lunch and Dinner will be provided.  All cadets are to eat breakfast before arriving.

Timings:     Drop Off:   0800hrs

                   Pick Up:     2130hrs

Dress:         Appropriate civilian attire with sneakers.  Dress for the Mess Dinner is C-8 (or appropriate formal dress for females).  Cadets without uniform may wear a suit or black pants and a white shirt with a tie/bowtie.  Bring Mess Dinner attire on hanger.

Cadets are not to bring knives, gum, weapons, or other prohibited items.

The Corps is not responsible for lost/stolen items.  Bring electronic devices at your own risk. Contact during activity: Capt Ono 236-988-8851