Questions about Summer Training / Camp? (CSTC FAQ)



Why are the selection results released in May/June?

The Directorate of Cadets in Ottawa determines the summer camp allotments on a national level and as a result, selections are not made at the regional level until the allotments are distributed to each region. In our case, we are PACIFIC Region.

Once our Regional Support Unit has this information, they begin selecting candidates and begin sending out offers to each Sea Cadet Corps in PACIFIC Region.  The majority of the offers go out at the end of May, early June, however that does not mean your son/daughter/ward will not be selected.

What if my son/daughter/ward is not selected right away?

Even as the initial selections are made, the Corp Officers continue to work diligently with our Support Unit to load as many 47 RCSCC Cadets on course.  They will begin a waiting list of those cadets still interested in attending “camp.” If this is something your son/daughter/ward is interested in, they are encouraged to let us know.

How does the selection process work?

The Commanding Officer, on the recommendations of Corps Officers, submit the applications electronically. They offer our Support Unit a priority list where we balance merit, attendance and need. Majority of the decisions into who will attend summer training is assessed on the cadets’ medical, previous summer training (as applicable) gender, age and availability.

Here is why:

  • Medical – Cadets who do not have the required medical forms submitted will not have their application form submitted until it is complete. Corps staff will work with the cadet to complete this process. Additionally, regional Medical professionals will review cadets with any conditions that may prevent or limit their ability to attend summer training.
  • Previous Summer Training (if applicable)- The summer training program is designed to progress cadets through a trade (a series of steps to master their trade). Factors such as: if they meet the criteria, had a strong course report, etc, can determine their suitability for training).
  • Gender – there are only so many beds for each gender.
  • Age – for various reasons and requirements of the course and availability (depending on what your son/daughter/ward has indicated on their application.

How many cadets from 47 RCSCC CAPTAIN VANCOUVER get selected?

The number of cadets who are selected varies every year. Our Support Unit does their best to balance the selection to reflect a consistent ratio of cadets select to the overall number of cadets each Corps had in the training year.

This year, we have had 39 applicants (see Annex A) and we have 78 cadets in our corps.

My son/daughter/ward is consider applying for summer school (or other activities), what should they do?

This is a tough decision that we can only leave to your family to decide. From the Commanding Officer or Corp Officers’ perspective, we experience frustration of telling cadets they have been selected for camp, only to be told they are not going because of summer school (or other). The impact here is another cadet from our corps who still wanted to go, could have been selected.

Our advice, regardless of your decision, is it is important to communicate with Corps Officers on what your family’s intent is. We understand if summer school is important, just please let us know.

My son/daughter/ward will not be available at a certain time in the summer, can he/she be accommodated?

If the Corps Officers are aware of this requirement, they can indicate this on your the cadet’s application. If not, cadets may be selected based on the availability.

Be advised, that limiting availability can limit the likelihood of selection.

I have questions or concerns regarding the camp selection process, what do I do?

As a concerned parent/guardian, you have a number of options of whom to contact. Our Commanding Officer asks that you give him an opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have. He can be best reached by email,