Joining Instructions

Joining Instructions (JIs) are issued by Regional Cadet Support Unit Pacific (RCSU PAC) to help prepare a Cadet for his / her Summer Training experience.

The JI’s containing generic information applicable to all Cadet Training Centers (CTC) as well as specific information for each CTC (HMCS QUADRA, Vernon, Albert Head, Comox.)

The JIs will:

– give you basic knowledge of the CTC so that you know what to expect when you get there;

– familiarize you with important rules that you will need to know and follow;

– give your parents the contact information for the CTC so that they can send you mail, or call the CTC in case of a family emergency; and,

– tell you what you need to pack and what you may not bring to the CTC (kitlist.)

It is very important that you read the Joining Instructions, and be familiar with them. We strongly recommend that you bring a printed copy with you to your course.


2017 Joining Instructions